It is ‘critical’ that the recall jabs be sped up – Neil Ferguson – .

It is ‘critical’ that the recall jabs be sped up – Neil Ferguson – .

Professor Neil Ferguson, of Imperial College London, said there was a need to speed up booster shots and vaccination for adolescents, who he said should receive two doses of a vaccine to block infection and the transmission.

It came as NHS England chief executive Amanda Pritchard said to ‘get the most out of the semester’ the national booking service will be open to young people aged 12 to 15 to book their vaccines at the centers. existing vaccination programs.

UK Covid-19 cases are at their highest for nearly three months, with the seven-day average standing at 44,145 cases per day.
Hospital admissions and deaths are also slowly increasing, although vaccines still work well overall in preventing serious illness.
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Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today program, Professor Ferguson, whose data was instrumental in the UK’s March 2020 lockdown, said the UK had more cases of Covid than it did. other countries for a number of reasons.
“First of all, we have lower functional immunity in our population than most other Western European countries and that’s for two reasons,” he said.
“In part, we’ve been very successful in rolling out the vaccination early and we know that immunity gradually wanes over time after receiving that second dose, so our earliness means we’re a bit more vulnerable.
“Second, we relied more on the AstraZeneca vaccine and, while it protects very well against the very serious consequences of Covid, it protects slightly less well than Pfizer against infection and transmission, especially against the Delta variant. .
“And finally, we are just behind a few other countries, not dramatically, but we are no longer in the first rank of European countries in terms of overall immunization coverage, especially in immunizing adolescents.


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