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TSN Hockey Insiders Break Down The Evander Kane situation, which comes next for the Canucks and Travis Hamonic, Nikita Kucherovthe injury of, an extension for Adam fox? And why there is no rush for the Jack Hughes camp to sign an extension.

From the moment we heard about it Evander KaneWe all started to wonder about the 21-game suspension, okay, what now? Where do we go from here? Kane says he wants to come back, the Sharks potentially have options when he is available to return on November 30, what options do they have?

Chris Johnston: One option they don’t have is the ability to end what’s left on Evander Kanecontract of . Two sources confirm that the ABC will not allow this to happen once Evander lifts the suspension. Essentially, that’s because the punishment he’s received here, the 21 games for violating the COVID-19 protocol, is the punishment and so that puts San Jose in a tough spot. I do not have the impression at all that they have decided how they are going to proceed in the future. Maybe at some point he gave up and sent in the AHL, maybe they try to pay him to stay at home, I think a trade will be quite difficult at this point , but they certainly cannot terminate this contract.

On Monday, the Vancouver Canucks announced that they had placed Travis Hamonic on unpaid leave so they have a hole in the blue line right now, what’s the plan?

Pierre LeBrun: The plan for now is to try to move forward with the group they have. I exchanged messages with Canucks general manager Jim Benning that day, and that’s what he said – they’ll stay with the guys they’ve got. I think part of this is because you mention the leave for Travis Hamonic and we wish him the best, by the way, but the key word is temporary in Monday’s Canucks statement. Which means that, all things being equal, the feeling is that he will be back at some point. So even though Travis Hamonic is out of the cap right now, you don’t go out and just replace that money from the cap because it will eventually come back to the cap if he comes back to be a Vancouver Canuck, so for now Tucker Poolman, Tyler Myers are your first two on the right side and the Canucks will try to make it work.

Last year Nikita Kucherov missed the entire regular season with a hip injury, came back to the playoffs, and it worked out pretty well for them. He’s injured again now, it’s a different injury but it also seems like a potentially long-term situation. Where else does this situation differ?

Chris Johnston: Admittedly, the implications of the cap aren’t as favorable for the Lightning, because that’s good news. Nikita Kucherov isn’t over for the remainder of the regular season, they are still figuring out the exact length of his absence with the injury, it looks like it will be weeks rather than days. So there would potentially be an option to put him on LTIR, but the fact that he’s not around all season means they can’t necessarily call on other players to help them in the playoffs, they can. seek short-term help during this. time if that’s the route they’re going, but it’s quite different from last year when they were able to take a $ 90 million payroll, give it or take, in the playoffs.

The flat cap era right now has meant that we’ve seen a lot of teams try to play cap gymnastics, but in the end, is it safe to say that the big guys are still getting the big bucks? ?

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Pierre LeBrun: Yeah, especially on the blue line as we have seen in recent months, more recently, Charlie McAvoy, $ 9.5 million per year for its extension. One guy to watch this season is Adam fox, the guy who just won the Norris Trophy, and he’s up at the end of the year. He’s stepping out of his entry-level contract and guess what? His camp will be looking for a contract that starts with a new one, now I am told that there have been very preliminary, very preliminary discussions, nothing serious at the moment. The point is, the Rangers spent a lot of money on their cap. You think about Mika Zibanejadwhich starts next year at $ 8.5, Panarin earns $ 11.6, I think they paid too much for Barclay Goodrow, so it’s not Adam fox that’s going to pay the price for Rangers cap problems in the future. So keep an eye out for this situation as he qualifies for salary arbitration, oh boy.

Speaking of teams in the Northeastern US that might find themselves in a tough spot when it comes to contract renewals, Jack Hughes in the final year of his ELC with the New Jersey Devils, any progress there?

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Pierre LeBrun: There were a few early conversations between the Devils, and they were initiated by the Devils, and Jack Hughes‘led by Pat Brisson of CAA. This one is interesting because on the one hand I think the Devils would love to do what Montreal did with Nick Suzuki, a young player with one year on his entry-level contract, and sign it in advance. In Jack Hughes‘case, I think the Devils, for sure, are probably saying to sign this young franchise player before he really breaks out this year. He hasn’t had that huge year yet, but you feel like it’s coming here. That’s why I think Pat Brisson and CAA are going to say what is in a hurry, of course they will get it signed but if it is right now, it could take a while.


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