Initially exclusive, then special rates – .

Initially exclusive, then special rates – .

The upcoming Rivian Adventure Network (RAN) of DC fast chargers is expected to expand rapidly to around 600 locations in the United States and Canada with a total of over 3,500 DC fast chargers by the end of 2023 (see details here).

According to Rivian, the chargers will be exclusively available for R1T and R1S pilots, but only “Initially”. Later, the network will be opened up to other electric vehicles, which is a positive sign and good news for those who were concerned that Rivian’s chargers might not be accessible to the public.

However, there is a catch. Prices may not be the same for all users and Rivian drivers should “receive special rates”.

“RAN sites will initially be exclusive to Rivian owners, with Rivian members benefiting from special rates. ”

The fast chargers were designed by Rivian and will deliver over 200 kW of power output for the R1T and R1S (up to 140 miles of range in 20 minutes). Other models are expected to charge over 300 kW.

The Rivian Adventure Network DC charging network at a glance:

  • approximately 600 sites in the United States and Canada by the end of 2023
    Locations: on popular arteries and major highways intended for quick and convenient recharging
  • more than 3,500 individual chargers (designed by Rivian)
    nearly 6 per station on average
  • exclusive for Rivian owners initially, Rivian members with special rates (later)
  • recharging power: greater than 200 kW (R1T and R1S) and greater than 300 kW (future vehicles)
  • automatic charging, just pull and plug
  • the on-board navigation automatically schedules recharging

In addition to the Rivian Adventure Network, the company will also deploy approximately 10,000 Rivian Waypoints charging points by 2023. These are 11.5 kW AC charging points, intended for destinations or places where drivers spend more than weather – shops, restaurants, hotels and parks. These points will be available to all EV drivers.

The third branch of charging for Rivian is fleet charging solutions.

“For commercial customers, we design and manufacture hardware and software specifically for fleet load. Rivian’s proprietary charge deposition equipment includes technology that includes our chargers, distributors and power cabinets. The software developed by Rivian allows partners to centrally manage the load for their entire fleet via a comprehensive suite of simple digital tools. ”


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