In Portugal, there is hardly anyone left to vaccinate – .

Aspen Ladd, Bethe Correia lack weight – .

In July, Admiral Gouveia e Melo seized such an opportunity.

Protesters were blocking the entrance to a vaccination center in Lisbon, so he put on his combat uniform and went there without any security details.

“I’ve been through these crazy people,” he said. “They started calling me ‘murderer, murderer’. “

As the television cameras rolled, the admiral calmly stood his ground.

“I said that the murderer is the virus,” recalls Admiral Gouveia e Melo. The real killer, he said, would be people who live like they did in the 13th century with no notion of reality.

“I tried to communicate very real and honestly about all doubts and issues,” he said.

But not everyone liked his approach.

“We don’t really have a culture of questioning authorities,” said Laura Sanches, a clinical psychologist who has criticized the deployment of mass vaccination in Portugal as being too militaristic and called for excluding young people.

“And the way he always presented himself in military camouflage suits – as if he was fighting a war – as well as the language used by the media and politicians, contributed to a sense of fear which also makes us more inclined to obey and not question, ”she said.

Still, the public messaging campaign – including an aggressive TV and media blitz – has made steady progress.


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