Ile-de-France starts phasing out paper Paris Metro tickets – .

Ile-de-France starts phasing out paper Paris Metro tickets – .

Paper metro tickets are gradually being phased out, with around 100 stations in the Ile-de-France region having stopped distributing booklets of 10 tickets yesterday (October 14).
In January 2022, 176 more stations will stop selling tickets from their vending machines, and from March, passengers will no longer be able to purchase them from any vending machine in the region.

However, single t + Metro tickets and Origin-Destination tickets for a trip between two stations in the network will still be available for purchase. Paper passes purchased previously will also remain valid.

In April, a “gradual shutdown plan” was approved by the Paris region transport organizing authority, the Board of Directors of Ile-de-France Mobilités (IDFM).

This provided for the replacement of existing paper notebooks by tickets downloaded on smartphones, Navigo Easy or Liberté + cards.

RATP, the Ile-de-France public transport operator, declares on its website that: “The paper metro ticket booklet is anchored in [the region’s] the history of the public transport system, but after many years of loyal service, it is retiring.

He adds that carrying tickets on a pass or phone will reduce the risk of loss, while creating a faster and more hygienic system.

Virtual tickets also solve the problem of demagnetization: currently, nearly five million paper passes are demagnetized and rendered unusable each year due to their proximity to keys or coins inside the purse or a person’s pocket.

Finally, discarded paper tickets take at least a year to decompose, according to the RATP. Digital substitutes therefore help reduce waste.

What ticketing options will I have in the future?

The Navigo Easy card – intended for occasional travelers and tourists – is a rechargeable pass that allows passengers to purchase tickets individually, in a virtual multi-use pack or as a day pass.

It can be purchased for € 2 and offers discounted fares on metro journeys. For example, a 10-trip notebook is sold at € 14.90, or € 2 less than its paper equivalent.

Navigo Est can be recharged at ticket machines at stations, at official vendors or via the Bonjour RATP mobile application.

It also allows passengers to purchase single tickets or day, weekly or monthly packages that you can download and validate on your phone, without the need for a separate card.

The Navigo Liberté + offers a monthly subscription including unlimited access to the entire metro network with the exception of the RER and trains outside Paris. You are then billed for journeys made the following month at the rate of € 1.49 per journey, capped at € 7.50 per day.

A ceiling of € 5 per trip and € 40 for 10 will be applied. This “price cap” will cost the IDFM around 60 million euros.

If you want to travel by bus but only make occasional trips, you can text “BUS” and the line number (without a space between the two) to 93100 while waiting for its arrival.

A single ticket will then be sent to you by SMS and a € 2 charge will be added to your telephone bill.

Bus, tram and RER tickets, as well as Vélib ‘bicycle rental, can also be purchased via the Bonjour RATP application.

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