Icardi cheated on Wanda with a friend of her? – .

Icardi cheated on Wanda with a friend of her? – .

Wanda Nara deleted all photos with Mauro Icardi on Instagram after the Argentine striker allegedly cheated on her with her friend Eugenia Suarez.

Icardi and Wanda tied the knot in 2014 after the Argentine showgirl broke up with Maxi Lopez, who was a close friend of Icardi’s.

Now it looks like Wanda Nara and the 28-year-old striker have also broken up given that Icardi allegedly cheated on her with one of Wanda’s friends, Eugenia ‘China’ Suarez.

Il Corriere della Sera reports that Wanda no longer follows the actress on Instagram and, on top of that, there are no more pictures of Wanda and Icardi on her account.

Wanda Nara accuses Icardi of having cheated on her: end of their story?

Born in Buenos Aires on March 9, 1992, Eugenia Suarez is an Argentinian actress with Japanese ancestors, which is why her last name is ‘China’ and her name on Instagram is japanese blood (Japanese blood).

She has three children and, according to Il Corriere della Sera, she currently works in Madrid.

Neither Icardi nor Eugenia Suarez have yet commented on the matter.

It remains to be seen how their separation will reflect on Icardi’s professional life, as Wanda was also the attacker’s agent.


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