IATSE and Hollywood Studios reach agreement to avoid strike – .

IATSE and Hollywood Studios reach agreement to avoid strike – .

Negotiators from IATSE and major Hollywood studios are in the process of reaching a deal that would prevent a strike that threatened to shut down most film and television productions in Hollywood.

Industry sources said virtual negotiations between the parties continued Friday evening as Carol Lombardini, chair of the negotiating organization of the Alliance of Film and Television Producers for Major Studios, spoke is addressed to many IATSE leaders on the details of the agreements on the thorny issues of working conditions which were sorted out during the marathon sessions.

Industry sources have cited Walt Disney Television chief Peter Rice and seasoned industry lawyer Ken Ziffren as key players who have helped Lombardini bridge the gap in recent days. Sources said Lombardini and Loeb both looked at the list of key items with a mutual understanding that a strike would cripple the industry which is only now starting to recover from the shock of COVID.

A move from the studio said the increased schedule of increases over the three years of the deal had helped move things forward. Instead of increasing the base minimums by 3% in the first year of the agreement and 2.5% for the remaining two years, the contract will bring increases of 3% per year.

Sources close to the talks said Lombardini spent several hours on video conference discussing the terms of the deal, pension and health plan issues and general quality of life issues that brought IATSE to the brink of ‘a nationwide strike for the first time in the union’s nearly 130-year history.

The tentative agreement is expected to be ratified by the roughly 60,000 union members covered by locals whose contracts expired earlier this year.

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