“I should have stabbed him more,” said woman accused of murdering her husband upon arrest – .

“I should have stabbed him more,” said woman accused of murdering her husband upon arrest – .

A woman accused of killing her husband said she “should have stabbed him more” when he was arrested, a court said.

Penelope Jackson, 66, is on trial at Bristol Crown Court charged with the murder of her husband David, 78, at their home in Parsonage Road, Berrow, Somerset on February 13 this year.

Jackson admits manslaughter but denies murder in incident that occurred just three months after police were called to the house over an argument the couple had over pacemaker control by Mr. Jackson.

She was arrested after calling the police on 999 in which she told a call manager that she stabbed Mr. Jackson “three times”.

In the appeal to the jury, Jackson was asked not to stab Mr. Jackson again, to which she replied, “Why? “

She then told the manager he was “not paid enough to deal with this” and said she stabbed her husband once and then did it again when “he said I would do it again more “.

She added that she had stabbed him three times.

Jackson told the manager, “I thought I had his heart, well I didn’t so I had it twice in the abdomen. “

Images on the bodies of police officers who arrested Jackson following the call showed her telling them that she “should have stabbed him more.”

In the footage, Jackson can be seen answering the door before being arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and handcuffed.

Directing the officers to the kitchen, where she said her husband was lying on the floor, Jackson said, “There is nothing mean about it. I admit everything. “

After an officer said to call an ambulance, Jackson can be heard in the footage saying “no, no, no, I should have stabbed him some more”.

A second body-worn video released to the jury saw Jackson arrive in a custody room and tell officers she was “very sorry” for being a “nuisance.”

Jackson claims her husband was coercive and controlling and also physically abusive towards her during their 24-year marriage.

She told court on Tuesday that the couple first reunited during their second marriage, with a man who had committed suicide after finding out about his affair with Mr Jackson.

Jackson told the jury during his testimony that after the death of her second husband, she married Mr. Jackson and had to hide evidence of her previous life, including love letters and photos, after fearing that they are not destroyed following an incident where he took an ax from the couple’s furniture.

She told the court that her youngest daughter from her second marriage called Mr. Jackson “daddy” at her insistence, and added, “He was a brilliant daddy to her. “

“He’s in the kitchen bleeding to death with any luck”

Footage shown in court showed the moment Ms Jackson was arrested as she refused to help her ‘abusive’ husband as he lay dying on the kitchen floor.

And at the end of the prosecution case, the judge allowed a chilling 18-minute call to 999 to be broadcast that was broadcast to the jury – along with body camera footage of his arrest.

Ms. Jackson is heard telling the operators who asked her where he was, “He’s in the kitchen bleeding to death with any luck.” “

She repeatedly tells the operator that she doesn’t want any help or that she wants to help her husband in any way to stem the bleeding.

She added, “I’m not doing anything to help her.

“He deserves everything he has – I accept whatever comes my way. I might just go and do it again. I did it once and then he said “I wouldn’t do it again” so I did it twice more.

She also tells the operator that she thought she stabbed him in the heart – but added: “He doesn’t. “

The accused got a tattoo reading “David Jackson’s property”

Defendant Penelope Jackson told the jury that her husband was so jealous when they first met that she had the “David Jackson property” tattooed on his buttocks.

David and Penelope Jackson first met while still married to a former partner, court said

She claimed that Mr. Jackson then became very jealous of her, which would often lead to outbursts of violence. And she said she went to great lengths to try to “reassure him”.

She added, “He was so jealous. He was so safe in some parts, but so insecure in others, that he thought I was going to be packing at any time and rushing out with another person. I never gave him a reason to think so.

“I wanted to reassure him so I tattooed ‘David John Jackson property’. I wanted to stop the constant and unfounded jealousy ‘what are you going to do?’ All the things he was feeling, I felt it would persuade him.

“No one wanted to come out and see me with it printed on my butt.

“He was very happy and thought it was a very nice Christmas present. “

Before the accused took the witness stand, defense lawyer Clare Wade QC, opened his case.

She told the jury: “This case is about domestic violence, control and ultimately entrapment. Domestic violence is not physical all the time. “

Ms Wade said the 999 jury appeal was proof that her client “had lost self-control because of the way she was treated”.

She added, “Not just that day, but over a much, much longer period. This marriage lasted 24 years until Mr. Jackson was killed. “

She described what happened on the night of February 13 as “the straw that broke the camel’s back”.

She added: “She lost control and stabbed her husband. She had no intention of killing him or causing serious harm to him. 24 years culminated with the events of February 13 and were put down on that day.

“Like she said to call the manager it seemed like a drastic fix, but she also said ‘I’ve had enough. She lost all ability and sense of herself and her identity as she lashed out at David.

“She knew where she was going but said ‘my life in prison is better than it is now.’ “

Ms Wade said the accused had “a distorted sense of loyalty and the need to protect others,” which is why she never disclosed the extent of his abuse.

“Just because there is no history of police calls does not mean that Penelope Jackson was not abused. “

The trial is continuing and Penelope Jackson will return to the witness stand this afternoon.


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