Hundreds call for ‘freedom’ from COVID-19 vaccine at rally in New York – .

Hundreds call for ‘freedom’ from COVID-19 vaccine at rally in New York – .

Nearly 1,000 people flocked to Times Square on Saturday to protest the COVID-19 vaccine and demand that they be bitten.

Some participants wore T-shirts or carried signs saying “My body, my choice”, “Freedom from fear” and “De Blasio is the virus”.

A truck with an electronic notice board was displaying questionable messages such as “COVID-19 vaccines can cause injury and death.”

“It means standing up for our freedom and our indivisible rights, coming together as a group and letting us know that we are not alone,” said Brett Copp, 56, a municipal worker from Staten Island who came to the Rally for Freedom. at 41st Street and Broadway.

A large crowd of people gathered in Times Square to protest against COVID-19 vaccination warrants on October 16, 2021.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speaks at the rally against the COVID-19 vaccine and the warrants for it.
A man dressed in a suit protesting against the vaccination warrants.
At one point in the rally, the crowd chanted, “I’m with Kyrie Irving. “
A protester holding an upside down American flag during the rally.
A protester holds an upside down American flag during the rally.
JC Rice for NY Post

At one point, the crowd chanted “I’m with Kyrie Irving,” the unvaccinated Nets player who was banned from playing until he got stung.

Anti-vaccine Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Chairman of the Board of Directors of Children’s Health Defense, addressed the crowd of around 900 and said: “The vaccine is neither safe nor effective.” .

“We don’t have to give this to little children. It’s unethical, it’s medical malpractice, ”Kennedy said.

Kennedy claimed that
Kennedy claimed that “the vaccine is not safe and effective” at the event.
A woman attending the rally in Times Square.
About 900 people attended the rally in Times Square.
JC Rice for NY Post

YouTube recently pulled the Children Health Defense channel, saying it cracked down on content containing false vaccine claims. Instagram previously removed Kennedy’s account.


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