How to avoid Covid tests and vaccinations scams in France – .

How to avoid Covid tests and vaccinations scams in France – .

An increase in Covid health scams in France has led the government to recall that screening and vaccination services are currently free in France for residents.
Health Minister Olivier Véran said: “Payment cannot be demanded for tests or vaccinations, and this is the case until October 15. “

This includes vaccinations with all validated vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson) and all kinds of Covid tests including PCR, antigen or lateral flow and blood tests.

Covid testing should always be performed by a healthcare professional.

Providers who demand payment for tests and vaccinations are susceptible to scams, and the consequences can be severe for patients.

Tests not performed correctly can cause injury and return incorrect results, including false negatives that can put the patient’s social circle at risk of catching the virus.

Test results may also not be recognized by health authorities. As of September 9, fraudulent test results (when identified) are considered invalid, as are health cards using the results.

Patients who have poorly paid for a Covid test are urged to have another test as soon as possible.

They should also report the fraudulent test provider to the Regional Health Agency in their area, which will investigate.

What are the payment rules for Covid tests in France?

For French residents

Currently, all Covid tests are free for French residents, and will be until October 15.

From that date, tests for genuine medical reasons will continue to be free for vaccinated people, and free on presentation of a prescription for unvaccinated people.

However, the so-called “comfort tests” (often performed before travel or before social gatherings when the patient does not necessarily have a reason to believe they have the Covid) will no longer be free.

PCR tests will cost € 49 and rapid antigen tests will cost € 29.

Testing will continue to be free for children.

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For visitors to France

Non-residents in France must pay for Covid tests, unless they have a prescription or if they are considered a contact case and can present an Ehic (European Health Insurance Card) or Ghic

This means tourists have to pay for the tests done for travel reasons, with costs of € 49 for a PCR test and € 29 for rapid antigen tests.

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