How Liverpool dressing room reacted to Roberto Firmino’s hat-trick as Jurgen Klopp mocks critics – .

How Liverpool dressing room reacted to Roberto Firmino’s hat-trick as Jurgen Klopp mocks critics – .

Jurgen Klopp has scoffed at Roberto Firmino’s criticisms following the Brazilian’s recent praise after his hat-trick against Watford last weekend.
The 30-year-old has found his place in Liverpool’s starting XI under threat so far this season due to the presence of Diogo Jota, limited to three starts as a result, but that hasn’t stopped him from score six goals.

Such a comeback means the forward has already scored two-thirds of his nine goals last season and is halfway to equal his tally of 12 goals from the Reds’ winning campaign in the Premier League 2019/20.

And after seeing Firmino often criticized for his goalie return in recent seasons, Klopp had fun seeing the Brazilian receiving well-deserved praise from foreigners by pointing out how influential the striker is at his sides.

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“Oh, are we going back to talking about Roberto Firmino in detail?” Klopp smiled at his pre-match press conference ahead of Sunday’s clash with Manchester United.

“He’s a very important player for us. It’s a connector. He’s definitely the best attacking defender I’ve ever seen in my life.

“He’s a bullet hunter. He’s incredibly smart with everything he does. He is technically at the highest level. He is able to play in the smallest spaces, the tightest spaces. He can make amazing and good decisions in a very short period of time and on top of that he also scores goals.

“That’s why we’re all so happy when every once in a while he rewards himself with a hat-trick last week or whatever.” Everyone on the team loves it because sometimes he’s a little short of praise for the effort he’s put in.

“I’m not sure what the numbers are, but he was the most sought-after attacking player in the last game against Atletico. That says a lot.

“The way we play, it’s not impossible without him because we have options again, which is good, but the way we started playing, years ago, was because Bobby could playing the part he played, so he was very, very influential in all things. We were doing.

“He’s just a brilliant boy and a brilliant player and it’s a real joy to work with him. “

He continued, “Everyone loves Bobby. There is no doubt about it, the whole team. How can you not? Even though he wasn’t nice, players would love him because he does all the work for them! He helps them a lot.

“Obviously Mo and Sadio love him because he sets them up, passes the ball to them to set them up or it’s the penultimate pass.

“All the midfielders love him because he is chasing all the opponents and the last row also loves him for the same reason. Ali and he are best friends. What’s not to love Bobby Firmino? There is no reason for it.

“A good guy and when he scores there is always a little extra joy from the talks. It’s not ridiculous, but we never had the discussion that Bobby wasn’t scoring enough, but you come across the questions quite frequently.

“But he wouldn’t play if he wasn’t incredibly important anyway in all of these different situations. “


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