How increase in UK Covid cases could be “a compelling case for boosters” – .

Mixture of vaccines increases risk of side effects, study finds – fr

Former Obama White House political director Dr Kavita Patel has explained why the growing number of Covid cases in the UK could be a compelling argument for booster injections.
“What’s going on is… this real-world experience where AstraZeneca’s efficiency decreases, and they haven’t deployed their boosters,” Patel said in an interview Tuesday night on “The News”. with Shepard Smith ”from CNBC. “It’s an argument for boosters, and a pretty compelling argument. ”

The early rollout of vaccination in the UK began in December 2020 and was one of the first in the world. Now, however, it is considered to be contributing to its high case rate, due to a growing body of data showing that immunity in those vaccinated wanes after about six months.

The spread of the much more infectious delta Covid variant in the spring and summer is also believed to be a factor that has decreased the effectiveness of the vaccine.

In September, the UK started rolling out booster shots for people over 50, medical staff and anyone with underlying health conditions. Those who received their second dose at least six months ago are advised to come forward first. Currently, around 6.5 million people in England are eligible for a booster, with the NHS having so far administered around 3.6 million booster shots, the data shows.

Patel told host Shepard Smith she is also monitoring the Covid strain which potentially contributes to the UK having one of the worst daily infection rates in the world.

“We are seeing, in a way, a sublineage of the delta strain, something very specific that is increasing in percentage in the UK … there is a potential for it to be more transmissible than delta, which makes it more easy to be even more contagious than delta, ”Patel said.

In the United States, the New York Times reported that the Food and Drug Administration is expected to clear the Johnson & Johnson and Moderna boosters and allow mixed shots this week.


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