House Democrats retire as party fears losing majority – .

House Democrats retire as party fears losing majority – .

Democrats insist there are unique factors that will make the 2022 election story challenging. Mr. Trump, the Jan.6 Capitol bombing, the pandemic and the fate of democracy itself will share the ballot with the usual questions of economic growth and the president’s performance.

“As voters watch Democrats restart the economy and get people back to work, Republicans campaign on junk science that endangers people’s lives and false election claims that threaten our democracy,” said Chris Taylor , spokesperson for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

The redistribution will make the democratic road steeper. David Wasserman, who follows the new district maps for Cook’s non-partisan political report, has so far said Democrats’ fears seem somewhat overblown – Republican state legislatures have already changed their maps so severely that they cannot go further. Republicans appear more determined to consolidate their vulnerable incumbents than to destroy Democratic seats, he said.

In contrast, Democratic legislatures, particularly in New York and Illinois, may actually produce more partisan cards than their GOP brethren. In total, Wasserman said, Republicans could get up to five seats in the new ridings, perhaps enough to win a majority, but far fewer than the 10 to 15 seats some Democrats fear.

Nonetheless, the new cards are pushing Democrats into retirement. Mr Doyle said he expects his district, which was once dominated by the city of Pittsburgh, to expand to more Trump-friendly counties to allow some of his Democratic voters to consolidate the swing district now held by Representative Conor Lamb, a Democrat running for the open seat of the State Senate.

He could still win, he said, but he would have a whole new set of voters, staff to hire, offices to open and hands to shake. After 26 years in the House, retirement made sense.


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