Hong Kong’s National Security Law Explained – .

Hong Kong’s National Security Law Explained – .

The United States and other Western governments have strongly criticized the security law and several, like Australia, have suspended extradition agreements with Hong Kong. The United States has also imposed sanctions on several Hong Kong and Chinese central government officials for the crackdown in Hong Kong. China retaliated with sanctions against Americans, including Wilbur Ross, the former secretary of commerce.

China has ignored foreign criticism of the security law, which it says has brought the necessary stability to Hong Kong after years of turmoil. Hong Kong chief executive Carrie Lam, in an interview with Hong Kong’s public broadcaster RTHK last Wednesday, said the city’s international reputation had been tarnished by misinterpretations of the law.

“Hong Kong’s international reputation has suffered some damage because many Western politicians, organizations and media have amplified the idea that the correct application of the National Security Law is tantamount to suppressing human rights and liberty. She said.

“The Hong Kong government needs to explain more about this. “


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