Hockey fans had a lot to say about Seattle Kraken concession prices – .

Hockey fans had a lot to say about Seattle Kraken concession prices – .

Climate Pledge Arena is open to businesses.
The all-new Seattle Center arena, which kept the old KeyArena roof but gutted the rest, hosted the Seattle Kraken’s first-ever home game on Saturday night. Their new rival, the Vancouver Canucks, ruined their party with a 4-2 road victory.

Still, Seattle had a blast in its first game, with the team already proclaiming they have the “best” and “loudest” fans in the NHL.

The Kraken may also have the most expensive concession prices.

The building cost around $ 1.15 billion to complete, so maybe we shouldn’t be surprised. However, many saw my photo from one of the concession stands in the main hall.

While the prices might not be completely outrageous compared to some other stadiums in the US, certainly compared to Rogers Arena in Vancouver, they were on the high side.

Add the fact that the prices were in US dollars? Well the menu was a bit of a shock to some fans.

The most expensive item was the premium beef dip, which costs US $ 24 (almost $ 30 in Canadian dollars). There were a few interesting food choices available, such as tenderloin steak tartare and roasted bone marrow.

Starbucks coffee? It’s $ 10. Tea was $ 8. The cheapest beer available was $ 13.

Even water was expensive, with a can of Aquafina costing $ 7 and something called “Life Water” costing $ 9.

It must be said that the prices did not tarnish the mood at all, as the fans arrived early and made noise all night long.

Here’s what the Twitter discussions about the Kraken dealership pricing looked like.

After opening the season with five straight road games, the Kraken will play their next three home games, hosting Montreal, Minnesota and the New York Rangers.


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