Highlights of Paulo Costa’s full fight video against Marvin Vettori – .

Highlights of Paulo Costa’s full fight video against Marvin Vettori – .

Watch Paulo Costa vs. Marvin Vettori in full fight video from their UFC Vegas 41 clash above, courtesy of UFC.

Costa vs Vettori took place on October 23 at UFC APEX in Las Vegas. Paulo Costa (13-1) and Marvin Vettori (17-5-1) collided during the main event of UFC Vegas 41. The fight was broadcast live on ESPN +.

You can read a full recap of the fight here.

Watch more video highlights below.

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Tour 1: As expected, Marvin Vettori looks intense en route to the Octagon. Lots of pent-up frustration, no doubt, for Vettori with everything that happened this week. Paulo Costa, the big heel of the fight week, looks ready to break through a wall as he sprints to the cage. This is going to be fun, ladies and gentlemen. Costa walks straight towards Vettori and safety separates them. After a tense confrontation, Jason Herzog begins this grudge match. Costa walks forward and lands a kick in the leg. Another hard kick from Costa, then up. Kick Costa’s body, but it put Costa back. Vettori was swarming with heavy shots. Back to the body with a kick from Costa, Vettori lands and they go their separate ways. Vettori with a good pitch catches Costa’s attention. Costa with two more kicks to the body and a right hand, Vettori responds with one of his own and Costa throws one back. The tight cross to the left of Vettori and Costa seems to be slowing down a bit. Vettori with a quick combination and a high kick. Costa is definitely breathing hard with his mouth open and Vettori pierces him with a jab. Vettori lands against the fence and Costa asks for more. Vettori happy to be of service as he stalks Costa with a hard blow. Vettori with a jumpsuit and a body kick. Vettori’s big left hand and a heavy elbow. Costa with a right hand to the body and Vettori responds with a combination. Huge change of momentum in this round with Vettori landing a hard blow before the horn.

MMAFighting scores round 10-9 for Vettori

2ème round: Costa breathes heavily on the stool. Vettori ready to go, not even sure if he’s sat in the corner. Vettori nearly doubled Costa on strike total in the first. Costa lands a cross from the right and Vettori responds. Costa lands a big header and Costa attacks like it’s his last chance. Vettori with a big nod and lands a big knee. Costa throws a laboring right hand, Vettori pushes forward and eats an inside kick. Costa throws a hard front kick, Vettori responds with a combination. Costa digs to the body and Vettori now steps back. Costa with a kick to the body. Vettori with easy disassembly and has Costa’s back. Back at the feet, they go and Costa with a deep glance. Herzog stops the action as it was clearly a hit on replay. Herzog warns Costa and the doctor comes to see Vettori. Herzog is now taking a point due to several warnings regarding the seizure of the gloves apparently.

MMAFighting scores round 9-9, 19-18 overall for Vettori

Tour 3 : Costa is breathing hard in the corner, Vettori ready to take on a mack truck between rounds. Vettori steps forward and leaves no room for Costa to breathe. Jab de Vettori and Costa narrowly miss a spinning kick to the head. Vettori’s big left hand nails Costa between the eyes. Vettori brings down Costa, who swings for the fences. Vettori hangs up against the fence and elbows during the parting. Body taken from Costa, Vettori’s return suit. Big shots from Vettori with Costa against the fence. Vettori’s knee ends with a withdrawal from Costa. Sol and Costa’s book and he’s looking for a D’Arce starter. Vettori slips and finds himself at the top. Costa’s left elbow brushes against Costa’s head. The last 20 seconds and Vettori stays on top, simply choking Costa until the horn sounds.

MMAFighting scores round 10-9, 29-27 overall for Vettori

Tour 4: Beneil Dariush advises the still standing Marvin Vettori not to stand in front of Costa. Vettori lands a hard blow early, Costa goes strong with another kick to the body. Nice left hand from Vettori and he puts pressure on Costa against the fence. Costa’s left hook, Vettori responds with a jab. Vettori’s own suit, Costa acting like he didn’t do any damage, but he certainly did. Jab de Vettori lands on the money. Costa misses with a high kick, Vettori begins to unload against the fence and lands hard on Costa’s body. Costa’s high kick blocked, the right hook is not. Vettori turns up the volume. Costa now goes ahead but eats another combination from Vettori. Costa kick, not much on it. Vettori supports Costa and lands a left center. Nice knee to Vettori’s body, maybe low but the action continues. Vettori’s left hand pierces Costa, who responds with one of his own. Vettori shoots for a teardown, Costa defends himself. Another land to Costa’s body, Vettori responds as the round ends.

MMAFighting scores it 10-9, 39-36 overall for Vettori

Tour 5: Costa’s corner saying that at worst it’s tied. I don’t know if this is good advice. Big right from Costa and Vettori continues to bring him down. Costa throwing everything he has in every strike, Vettori pulls off a few volume strikes before a vicious kick falls from Costa. Digging to the body is Costa and it works. Vettori wisely picks up and seeks a withdrawal. Large right hand on top of Costa and one knee to the body. Halfway through, Costa tears himself to the body again. Vettori shoots a single, defended by Costa, and gets the split. Another kick to Costa’s body, Vettori responds as he looks to slow down a bit too late in this one. Vettori’s right hand and perhaps Costa’s 30th hard kick lands. Last minute of a formidable battle. Costa’s left hand lands hard, Vettori picks up one of his own. Costa’s leg kick and Vettori lands in the final 15 seconds. The fight ends against the fence and Vettori should take the victory.

MMAFighting marks round 10-9 for Costa and fight 48-46 for Vettori


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