Here’s how to get your jab – .

Here’s how to get your jab – .

The flu vaccination campaign in France begins today (October 22), four days earlier than initially planned.
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The government hopes this vaccination campaign will complement the Covid vaccination campaign and help control the number of people admitted to hospital with one or both viruses.

Since the start of 2020, when containment restrictions and social distancing measures became part of daily life, “there has been very little circulation of the influenza virus, [but] it has not disappeared, ”said Jérôme Salomon, France’s Director General of Health, during a press conference yesterday (October 21)

Health experts therefore fear that this winter a larger flu epidemic than usual, because very few people are currently immune, and people are starting to relax their compliance with hygiene measures related to Covid.

“People at risk for severe forms of Covid are also at risk for a bad case of the flu,” Salomon added.

Therefore, this year’s flu vaccine supply will be about 17% larger than last year, and vulnerable groups are encouraged to take theirs.

These groups include:

Flu vaccinations have already started in nursing homes, where the campaign was launched on Monday. The wider campaign will last until January 31, 2022.

How do I get my flu shot?

Eligible groups should now have received a letter containing a vaccination voucher, guaranteeing that their vaccine will be fully covered by Medicare.

After collecting their vaccine, these people can then be injected by a healthcare professional of their choice – whether pharmacist, doctor, nurse or midwife – without needing a prescription.

If you are of legal age and have not yet received your summons from Health Insurance, you can ask your doctor, nurse or pharmacist to print out a letter for you via the amelipro professional portal. Pregnant women can ask their midwives.

Adults who do not belong to a priority group can still receive the vaccine if their doctor prescribes it, in which case the cost will still be partially covered by Health Insurance.

Those under 18 with health problems making them eligible for the vaccine must, however, consult their doctor and obtain a prescription.

If you don’t have a prescription, you can also buy the vaccine in pharmacies for € 6.20 to € 11.13, depending on the type of vaccine, after November 22.

The vaccine becomes effective about 15 days after the injection, so it is important to receive the vaccine as soon as possible.

The quality of care regulator, the Haute Autorité de Santé, has confirmed that it is safe to receive the Covid vaccine and the flu vaccine on the same day: one vaccine in each arm.

This winter, people are also encouraged to continue to observe social distancing and hygiene measures, to avoid co-circulation of the Covid and flu viruses.

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