Has been very honest about Pakistan’s concerns about terrorist shelters: United States – .

Has been very honest about Pakistan’s concerns about terrorist shelters: United States – .

The United States said it continues to have frank conversations with Pakistani leaders. (Representative)

Washington: The United States has been very honest about its long-standing concerns with Pakistan over terrorist shelters as well as the border areas of Afghanistan, the Pentagon said.

Afghanistan and the United States have criticized Pakistan in the past for allowing Taliban fighters to enter Pakistan where they are given safe shelters and also receive medical treatment.

“We have been very honest about our concerns with Pakistan for a long time, about the shelters that exist on their side of the border along that backbone. And those concerns are still valid today, ”Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said Thursday. at a press conference.

As Afghanistan’s neighbor, Pakistan certainly has equity capital and responsibilities when it comes to terrorism in that part of the world, Kirby said.

“We continue to have frank conversations with Pakistani leaders about our concerns,” he said in response to a question.

“I think it is important to keep reminding people that the Pakistani people, too, have been the victim of terrorist threats from these groups and along this same border,” he said.

As Kabul claims Islamabad sends thousands of militants to fight in war-torn country and provides refuge for the Taliban, Pakistan claims Afghanistan is home to anti-Pakistan group Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan – Pakistani Taliban – and also the secessionist Balochistan Liberation Army.

Mr Kirby also said the United States was within its rights to continue drone strikes inside Afghanistan.

“We believe we have the authorities we need to continue protecting the nation,” he said.

The Taliban accused the United States of violating the Withdrawal Agreement by continuing to fly drones over Afghanistan and warned the Americans against doing so in the future.

“We have the authorities we need to continue to defend our interests and the security of the American people there and around the world, and we will do it,” said John Kirby.

“Operations on the horizon don’t always have to include unmanned air assets, and they don’t. The fact that we were using unmanned air assets is clearly true, and the Secretary (of Defense) cited one that only lasted a week or two. there is in Syria. But beyond the horizon doesn’t have to mean unmanned. It doesn’t even always have to mean aviation, ”he said.

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