Hackers claim Trump’s social app ahead of launch – .

Hackers claim Trump’s social app ahead of launch – .

After a hiatus of several years, Anonymous reappeared as a digital force against the far right. The collective recently took down a Republican Texas website after an anti-abortion bill was passed, replacing the site with a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood. And last month, Anonymous was behind a breach of Epik, a popular far-right internet service company, dumping 220 gigabytes of data, including the personal data of its customers.

By exposing the guts of Truth Social ahead of its launch, the hackers demonstrated that Mr. Trump’s soon to be released social network had lax guarantees and left open the possibility of spoofing anyone, including the former president.

Mr Trump had revealed the social network on Wednesday during an online presentation as part of the Trump Media and Technology Group, which aims to tackle major social media platforms.

A representative for the Trump media company did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

“We had fun dragging him up to the sky,” Aubrey Cottle, an Anonymous affiliate hacker named Kirtaner, said in an interview.

On Wednesday, a Truth Social application was made available for “pre-order” on the Apple App Store, inviting anyone interested to join a waiting list for its release. The digital crumbs in that message, Mr Cottle said, were enough for him and other anonymous hackers to gain access to the preview version of the app.


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