Gruber Motors catches fire again, several more Tesla Roadsters are lost – .

Gruber Motors catches fire again, several more Tesla Roadsters are lost – .

Gruber Motors, a store known to work on Tesla vehicles, caught fire again. The second time in 4 years.

Several other rare Tesla Roadsters are believed to have been lost.

Gruber Motors is a Phoenix-based store that focuses on providing services to Tesla owners.

They made a name for themselves by being one of the few companies that could solve the “brickwork” problems of certain Tesla Roadsters vehicles.

The first EV had issues where the battery became unusable and Tesla would not be able to repair it and would recommend a full battery replacement instead, which was costly out of warranty.

Pete Gruber, CEO of Gruber Motors, developed a system to identify a dead airframe or module and was only able to replace them and get the Roadster running again.

However, the company suffered a major setback in 2017 when its store Phoenix caught fire, which destroyed at least 5 Tesla Roadsters and even a Tzero vehicle.

No one was injured in the blaze, but part of the history of electric vehicles has been lost.

Gruber has now suffered a second fire at his new store in Phoenix yesterday. Local firefighters reported the incident:

It does not appear that anyone was injured, but the extent of the damage is still unknown.

A Tesla owner who had his car at the store when the fire occurred recounted the aftermath, saying the entire interior of the store was gone (via TMC):

“I have sad news to share about our friends at Gruber Motors in Phoenix. I was due to pick up my car there today after its maintenance. I received an email from Gruber early in the morning saying that they unfortunately had a fire in their store and although my car was in order as it was parked outside my key was destroyed in the room. ‘fire. They wanted to make sure I had a spare key to collect the car. I assumed this must have been a relatively small fire as they took the time to confirm that I was still picking up the car today and had the spare key. When I went to pick up the car this afternoon, I was shocked to see what had happened at the Gruber factory. Unfortunately, it appears that much of the interior of the building and the workshop has been destroyed. The roof seemed to be completely gone and there was a large crew of people cleaning up the hazardous materials (I’m guessing from the batteries and other electrical components that had burned down in the fire.) ”

As many of the 25 Tesla Roadsters could have been lost in the fire. The cause of the fire is still being investigated.

We have contacted Gruber for more information and will update if we get more details.

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