Global public debt hits record $ 88 trillion – IMF – RT Business News – .

Global public debt hits record $ 88 trillion – IMF – RT Business News – .

    Le Fonds monétaire international (FMI) a déclaré mercredi que la dette publique mondiale est estimée à 97,8% du produit intérieur brut mondial en 2021.

</p><div><p>C'est 0,8 point de pourcentage de moins qu'un an auparavant, mais toujours à des niveaux record en raison des réponses budgétaires massives à la pandémie de Covid-19.

Globally, public debt now stands at $ 88 trillion, according to the IMF, but is expected to decline by around 1 percentage point of global GDP per year in 2021 and 2022 before stabilizing at around 97. % of GDP.

In the years to come, the debt is “Is expected to remain consistently above projected levels before the pandemic – in advanced economies it is expected to be nearly 20 percentage points above until 2026”, the IMF said in its report.

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Global debt issued by governments, non-financial corporations and households in 2020 reached $ 226 trillion, up $ 27 trillion from 2019, according to preliminary estimates. sharp increase on record and far exceeds the cumulative debt gain of $ 20 trillion observed during the two years of the global financial crisis in 2008-2009.

Advanced economies and China accounted for over 90% of global debt build-up in 2020, while remaining emerging markets and low-income developing countries accounted for only around 7%, according to the report.

The IMF also estimates that 65 to 75 million more people will fall into poverty by the end of 2021 than would have been the case without the pandemic.

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