Get the latest Calgary municipal election results here – .

Get the latest Calgary municipal election results here – .

Polling stations closed for Calgary’s municipal election at 8 p.m. Monday and results are expected shortly thereafter.
Unlike federal and provincial elections, Calgary municipal ballots are counted by vote-counting machines, which means large volumes of results can come in fairly quickly, all at once.

Refresh this page to see the latest results.

(Until the first results arrive, all candidates are effectively tied with zero votes. During this time scrolling the map will simply display the candidate at the top of the list, sorted alphabetically by first name.)

Full Council Race Results

Click on the links below to view detailed results of the council races in each of the city’s 14 electoral districts.

Fluoride plebiscite results

Calgarians were asked: Are you in favor of reintroducing fluoridation to municipal water supplies?

It’s a question Calgary residents also voted on in 1998 and 1989, when they voted yes to fluoride. Calgary City Council elected to stop adding fluoride to the city’s water supply in 2011.

By definition, a plebiscite is not legally binding and the city council will make the final decision.


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