‘Get Covid booster to save Christmas’: Better NHS doctor urges Britons

‘Get Covid booster to save Christmas’: Better NHS doctor urges Britons

The UK has hit the ‘tipping point’ for family Christmases – and we could be missing out if people don’t get their vaccine boosters.

That’s the message from NHS England medical director Stephen Powis, who, writing in the Telegraph on Sunday, warned those offering extra jabs to attend their appointments.

He said obtaining the boosters was vital to “protecting the freedom and the Christmas we’ve all earned,” reports The Mirror.

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Professor Powis wrote: “Around this time last year, the whole country was bracing for another lockdown.

“There were over 6,800 people hospitalized with Covid, and cases and admissions were increasing at an alarming rate.

“Fast forward to today and cases are increasing again with 6,405 people hospitalized with Covid this weekend. “

He added: “Although the country is again at a critical point, the NHS vaccination program remains the most powerful weapon in the arsenal.

“The scale, speed and precision of the NHS Covid vaccination program paved the way for the country to emerge from the pandemic. The freedom we all now enjoy, and hope to continue to embrace, is a direct result of the country’s will and desire to come forward for a Covid vaccine when it has been offered. “

Nine vulnerable groups comprising up to 30 million people will be offered the third booster six months after their second jab.

Although around 8.5 million people are eligible in England, only around 5.1 million third jabs have been given so far.

About 60% of eligible people over 80 had their third injection.

Meanwhile, the government has been urged to switch to ‘Plan B’, encouraging working from home and ordering masks to be worn, as scientists warn vaccines alone are not enough to stop the rise in infections , hospitalizations and deaths.

Professor Adam Finn, who is part of the Joint Committee on Immunization and Immunization (JCVI), said hospital admissions and deaths linked to Covid-19 were increasing, and warned of complacency in what he called a “worsening” situation.

Professor Finn told Trevor Phillips on Sky News on Sunday: “The vaccination program by itself is not enough to get things under control.

“You need people using lateral flow testing, avoiding contact with large numbers of people in confined spaces, and using masks.

“All of these things have to happen now, if we are to stop this rise and get it under control soon enough to stop a real meltdown in the middle of winter.” “

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