Germany jails IS woman for death of Yazidi girl – POLITICO – .

Germany jails IS woman for death of Yazidi girl – POLITICO – .

A German woman who joined the Islamic State (ISIS) group was sentenced Monday to 10 years in prison for letting a young Yazidi girl enslaved to die of thirst in the sun.

While in Iraq, Jennifer Wenisch remained there as her then husband and ISIS fighter tied up a Yazidi girl outside their house in scorching heat and left her to die of thirst, the court heard. The 5-year-old girl had been tied up as punishment for wetting her bed.

The child was “helpless and helpless,” the Munich Higher Regional Court judge said, according to the DPA – and Wenisch did “nothing” to help him.

Wenisch, who denied the charges, was convicted of “two crimes against humanity in the form of slavery,” as well as aiding and abetting the murder of the girl by failing to offer help.

Wenisch’s husband Taha al-Jumailly faces a separate trial in Frankfurt, with a verdict expected next month. The mother of the deceased girl was kept as a domestic slave by Wenisch and al-Jumailly.

The Yazidi people were a particular target for ISIS violence at the height of the terrorist group, with thousands dead and women and children captured as slaves.


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