Gable Steveson’s WWE RAW draft spot surprised many backstage – .

Gable Steveson’s WWE RAW draft spot surprised many backstage – .

Gable Steveson is on his way to RAW. He was included in the WWE 2021 Draft as a surprising pick for the Red Mark. The Olympic gold medalist has also signed a deal with the company, but he will end his time with the University of Minnesota first.
According to a report from Fightful Select, many people were surprised to see Gable Steveson’s name on the list. He wasn’t even in the building for RAW, but they also listed him as having an entry on the internal roadmap.

Steveson was listed on internal race sheets as being written, which caused many surprised faces when they were given the itinerary. Steveson was not on site when he was picked, but the sheet actually indicated him as having an “entrance,” which clearly did not happen.

It has been reported that the inclusion of Gable Steveson in the WWE 2021 Draft wasn’t a big secret among talent, staff and production. A lot of people knew about it, but it was nonetheless a surprise.

We’ll have to see what Gable Steveson does in WWE when he debuts next year. Fans already know he’ll be working on Mondays and skipping NXT as well.

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