Fully vaccinated Ontarian dies after COVID-19 sweeps his hockey league – .

Fully vaccinated Ontarian dies after COVID-19 sweeps his hockey league – .

A fully vaccinated Ontarian has died after a COVID-19 outbreak swept through his adult hockey league.

Oro-Medonte, father of three, Garry Weston died last week after suffering a severe stroke while battling pneumonia caused by COVID-19, his family said.

His daughter, Amber Weston-Campbell, said the 75-year-old contracted the disease in late September while playing in his league three-on-three hockey in Newmarket for the first time in 18 months.

There have been 15 cases of COVID-19 linked to the hockey league and all of them were breakthrough infections in fully vaccinated people, York Region officials said.

“My dad was an avid sports fan,” Weston-Campbell told CTV News Toronto on Thursday. “He was waiting to return to play because he loved hockey.

Days after playing, Weston-Campbell said his dad was starting to feel bad.

“It was like a cold, but it gradually got worse at home,” she said. “He was having trouble breathing.

Weston was admitted to the hospital but was not getting any better. He was transferred to intensive care and soon after was intubated.

“While they were intubating him, he developed signs and symptoms of a stroke,” said Weston-Campbell, who is a registered nurse. “They found out after he had a massive stroke. The doctor basically told us he couldn’t go home. It was a grim diagnosis. “

Weston-Campbell said doctors told him the damage from the stroke was irreversible and that he would have “no quality of life” if he managed to survive when removed from the system. intensive care.

“It would have been so unfair of us to try to keep his physical shell of a body, which he would have been, when he would have hated every minute of it.” He was way too active as a guy to live like this. “

She said the family decided last week to turn off their life support.

“They played his favorite Doris Day song and they said it was the only time he made a move. He shook my sister’s hand. “

Weston died in hospital on October 21.

“You would never meet someone who wasn’t sure you had met Garry, because you knew it.” You knew that when you first met Garry because he meant every hug, he meant every handshake, and he meant every smile. He was a great guy. “

Weston is survived by his wife, three children, four grandchildren and two great grandchildren.


Weston lived with his wife, younger daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren. Everyone at home has tested positive for COVID-19, although those over 12 are fully immunized.

“It spread like wildfire. How did it happen ? Said Weston-Campbell. “We are shocked. ”

She said the family still believed in the effectiveness of vaccines and didn’t want people to be paranoid.

“We just want people to be vigilant,” she said. “It’s a very small number of people, but you never know when that number will be you. “

According to Weston’s best friend for 50 years, the other 14 people who tested positive in the hockey league had minor symptoms.

Brian Dunn told CTV News Toronto he was sitting next to Weston in the locker room at the hockey arena. He also tested positive for COVID-19, but exhibited minor symptoms and has since recovered.

“We took every precaution,” Dunn said. “What more could we have done other than not playing. It’s a shock. How did it happen ?

“I am completely pissed off and sad. ”


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