Frexit news: is France’s exit from the EU looming? Confidence in EU collapses ahead of crucial elections | World

Frexit news: is France’s exit from the EU looming? Confidence in EU collapses ahead of crucial elections | World

The latest Standard Eurobarometer revealed that mistrust of the EU is currently in the majority in Greece, France, Slovakia and Cyprus. The EU’s own report released last month found that a majority of respondents in 21 EU member states say they trust Brussels.

But in France, only 36% of people questioned said they trusted the European institutions, 50% said they did not trust Brussels and 14% said they did not know.
The striking numbers have sparked calls for a referendum on Frexit as early as next year, as presidential candidates campaign across the country for the 2022 election.

Generation Frexit leader Charles-Henri Gallois blasted: “Latest Eurobarometer: only 36% of French people trust the EU, that’s 13 points less than the EU average.

“The highest level of skepticism.

“Will the 2022 presidential candidates propose a referendum on our EU membership?
The French will go to the polls next spring to reconfirm Emmanuel Macron as their president or choose the next head of the Republic.

A new opinion poll on Friday saw far-right maverick Eric Zemmour pull Marine Le Pen out of the qualifying spot for a second-round duel against President Macron in next April’s presidential election.

The political talk show star’s meteoric rise in opinion polls has overturned long-held expectations that the second round is sure to be a repeat of the 2017 contest between Macron and Le Pen, whose party dominates. far right for decades.

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Ipsos Sopra Steria pollsters noted that Zemmour, who holds convictions for inciting hatred and once said that women “do not hold power”, is a more controversial figure among voters than Le Pen.

Only 20% consider that he has what it takes to be president, against 30% for Le Pen.

While 21 percent of men over 60 support Zemmour, his support for women under 35 is only 8 percent.

The survey was conducted among 16,000 people surveyed from October 7 to 13.

So far, none of the candidates has explicitly promised to offer the country a referendum on Frexit.

But Marine Le Pen and former EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier have pledged to propose a vote on the country’s independence from the EU on immigration policies.


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