France’s first book prize: lovers are forbidden | News

France’s first book prize: lovers are forbidden | News

France’s most prestigious literary prize, the Prix Goncourt, or Prix Goncourt, abruptly changed its eligibility rules on Tuesday after a nepotism scandal. As of today, no parent, spouse, partner or lover of a member of the jury can be taken into consideration for the prize, which counts Marcel Proust and Simone de Beauvoir among its former winners.

The decision came following a revelation that François Noudelmann, whose novel was on the shortlist, has a romantic relationship with the Camille Laurens Prize jury.

The couple tried to make the case that they were single and lived in separate towns, and therefore Laurens would not be detrimental to Noudelmann’s work.

At first, the Académie Goncourt agreed, saying the relationship was not reason enough to rule out a dignified entry. However, after increasing public pressure, they announced the rule change and Noudelmann’s book was scrapped when the price list was announced on Tuesday.

french newspaper The world indicated that in the future, failure to disclose such a relationship will result in the expulsion of the juror from the Académie Goncourt.

Notices also prohibited

Another new rule was announced on Tuesday, according to The world, stipulating that members of the jury may not write public reviews of any of the works on the list. The move appeared to once again singularize Camille Laurens, who wrote a scathing review of one of the other novels under consideration after the long list was announced.

The Goncourt Prize will be awarded on November 3. The winner is presented with a check for only € 10 (approximately $ 12), as his place in the history of literature is considered the true prize.


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