France launches an “anti-alarm clock” think tank to “protect French values” – .

France launches an “anti-alarm clock” think tank to “protect French values” – .

“We need a diverse society where we respect each other and define ourselves not by our victimization or our supposed identity, but simply as a citizen. That’s the beauty of the French republican project, ”he told them.

Six months before the presidential elections, several candidates, notably from the right and far right, have already established themselves in wokeism as an “Anglo-Saxon” evil infiltrating French society and education.

Xavier Bertrand, who hopes to lead the mainstream of right-wing Republicans, called it “an unprecedented poison that divides society”, while Eric Zemmour, the far-right essayist who is currently voting for the second round , devotes entire sections of his new book, “France has not said its last word”, to the threat.

“Not a day goes by without a thesis being published in our universities on the ‘theory of gender in the Limousin of the 18th century”, writes Mr. Zemmour, sometimes compared to a Gallic Mr. Trump, with intellectual pretensions and literary.

“Not a day goes by without the whiteness of an ancient statue being suspected of fueling ‘white privilege’.

Emmanuel Macron, who has not yet announced his intention to run again, has not personally addressed wokeism but has dispatched his ministers to do so.

Sarah El Haïry, Secretary of State for Youth and Engagement, who was present at the launch of the think tank, said the awakened ideology had brainwashed young people into believing “that they are condemned in advance by a discourse of victimization ”.

The far left used it to “divide meetings by skin color or gender,” she said, while the far right “has the exact same rhetoric about identity.”

The fight against revival has sparked controversy.

“It’s McCarthyism,” said at Politico Rim-Sarah Alouane, of Toulouse Capitole University. “A minister is using a private entity to block discussions on these topics. “

She suggested that Macron’s team was trying to win over voters drawn to Eric Zemmour.

It appears that politicians have their work cut out for raising awareness of the dangers of waking up in France, because according to an Ifop poll in March, only 14% of French people knew what the word meant.

However, said Ifop chief Frédéric Dabi, given that a third of young French people believed that “state racism” existed and 40% believed that “gender inequalities are systemic”, they “ were already practicing wokeism without knowing it ”.


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