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Canned wines have peaked in popularity among people in Europe and America looking for portability and convenience.
More than half of young people in the UK have consumed them, or plan to do so in the near future, and they are usually stocked in US supermarkets.

Markets renowned for their wine production, such as Italy and France, have withstood considerable resistance. For some, the financial costs of this state of denial have become scarce.

Cacolac, the chocolate milk brand widely consumed by children in France, is taking advantage of its Bordeaux origins to get rid of ten years of muted investments propelling this upward trend.

The company will invest 5 million euros in a new factory to increase its production of canned wine in the hope of storing its products throughout the country.

But is the wine capital of the world ready? Are the French finally ready to embrace foil-clad vino?

Canning of the drink is considered offensive by the devotees

France’s domestic market could still be a tough nut to crack. The country set the model for wine making in the world today, with practices dating back to Roman times adopted everywhere from Australia to Chile.

Pride is taken in controlling taste and quality, with strict standards in place. A visit to Bordeaux’s extravagant and well-stocked Cité du Vin clearly shows this.

Cacolac wishes to emphasize that none of these elements will be sacrificed in the name of a container of a different shape.

“When I mentioned this project for the first time, I felt mistrust”, explained Christian Maviel, president of Cacolac, to The temperature.

“A lot of people here thought we were going to mess up [the wine] But that’s not the case at all, “

Their new facility will allow the company to produce forty million cans of wine per year, more than four times their current production.

The same young people who enjoyed their chocolate milk ten years ago will be their best way to embrace change – 48% of 18-24 year olds in France said they would be willing to give canned wines a chance.

Cacolac is not the only one to take action

Until now, traditional wineries have pushed for privacy when supplying their wine to businesses that use cans.

Several well-established merchants show up to change the story.

Jean-Pierre Robinot, originally from the Loire, supplies Winestar, a French company with supply contracts in the United States, his Cabernet Franc rouge and his Chenin blanc.

Another, Anne-Victoire Monrozier, puts her 250 ml of Beaujolais in red boxes.

If more announcements follow, that could well be a sign that France is finally ready to embrace the drink in its new form.


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