France in flames: fireballs engulf 15 vehicles as violent crowd throws Molotov cocktails at police | World

France in flames: fireballs engulf 15 vehicles as violent crowd throws Molotov cocktails at police | World

Violence broke out Tuesday evening with flames coming from cars and vans in several places in the district – Jean-de-la-Varende, rue Victor-Hugo, rue Guillaume-le-Conquérant and place de la Paix, at the foot of the Pascal tower or rue Paul-Claudel.
Smoke and the smell of burning metal suffocated the neighborhood, with local residents terrified of the horrific acts unfolding around them.

In the wee hours of this morning, young people in the city, many of whom were wearing balaclavas, smashed car windows and threw molotov cocktails inside.

More than a dozen of the hooded crowd crisscrossed the city on foot and by car, with about fifty other young people attending the chaotic scene,
Several other residents of the neighborhood stared in terror from their windows as the blasts of burning cars continued.

A distraught woman burst into tears when her family car burst into flames.

She cried, “If I had known this thing was planned tonight, I would have moved it.” “

Local firefighters are mobilized to intervene shortly after midnight but could only intervene when the police arrived.
They arrived at the scene around 1 a.m., but were immediately attacked by the crowd, but immediately came under mortar fire.

About twenty police officers tried to defend themselves against the crowd with defensive ball throwers, but were confronted by about thirty young people from the neighborhood.

But several other young people managed to calm the situation, before they all dispersed.

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It may have erupted after police arrested two neighborhood youths in the Pascal Tower for possession of narcotics early Tuesday morning, according to Ouest-France.

The prefect of Alençon Françoise Tahéri told the French channel BFMTV: “This evening, we had to deplore a night of urban violence in Perseigne in Alençon.

There are a dozen vehicles that were set on fire.

“The police intervened quickly to stabilize the situation, they were reinforced by the gendarmes.

“I am delighted to see that there were no casualties, given the mortar fire that was met by the police, gendarmes and firefighters, there could have been injuries. “

The prefect added: “The investigation will tell what caused this outbreak of violence.

“What is certain is that on Tuesday the police arrested drug traffickers in the act.

“The investigation will say if there is a link between these events, one can suppose it given the concomitance of the facts. “



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