France holds back British boat as spitting on fishing rights intensifies – .

France holds back British boat as spitting on fishing rights intensifies – .

One of the boats was not on the European Union’s approved list of British fishing vessels, and the director of the regional government “immediately issued” the order to divert the vessel to the French port of Le Havre, according to the report. communicated.

The other boat was fined for failing to comply with orders authorizing the French authorities to board the ship to carry out checks, according to the press release tweeted by Girardin. Additional checks carried out by the French maritime gendarmes revealed no other infringements of fishing regulations.

The boats were stopped off Le Havre, in the English Channel.

Legal proceedings could see the capture of the first vessel and the boat itself confiscated against payment of a bond, the statement said, adding that “the captain of the fishing vessel risks criminal penalties.”

The minister tweeted that the French patrol which stopped the vessels “is part of the tightening of controls in the Channel” as part of discussions on fishing licenses with the United Kingdom.
The fines represent the latest set of tensions in long-standing disputes between the UK and France over the rights of French and UK vessels to fish in each country’s waters following the Brexit deal.

Girardin is expected to announce retaliatory measures against the UK on Thursday for not granting enough licenses to French fishing vessels.


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