France highlights the French cultural center

France highlights the French cultural center

The French Embassy in Rwanda presented on Saturday 23 October various activities of the French Cultural Center in Kigali.

Opened by the French President, Emmanuel Macron during his visit to Rwanda in May 2021, he is located in the Kimihurura sector, Gasabo district.

French Ambassador to Rwanda Antoine Anfré described the center as a sign of friendship and exchange between Rwanda and France.

“This center serves as a meeting point between the people of our two countries, and others who are interested in the Francophonie because people will come to know the artistic styles and read the stories of the two countries, therefore more exchanges” , he commented. .

The director of the French Institute, Juliette Bigot also stressed that the Francophone cultural center will host various cultural events organized across the country.

“Francophone cinema and audiovisual will be in the spotlight, but we will also support digital training workshops and organize film festivals among the major ceremonies that bring together”, she underlined.

The French government has invested 650 million euros in this installation.

For his part, Johan Hilel, the new director of the center, said that during his tenure he will do his best to ensure that the center promotes Rwandan artists on the French public scene.

“I hope that this center will be a place of artistic and cultural excellence because we will welcome different Francophone artists and promote Rwandan artists in France, because we want Rwanda to be a crossroads of artistic talents,” he said. .

The French-speaking cultural center is made up of three main parts, namely the language, library and culture part.

Language part which offers French lessons for children and adults, beginners or beginners are all encouraged to attend. The center also provides French examination services to students and others who wish to migrate to France and Canada.

Cultural part: It hosts concerts and regular exhibitions to create a space for artists to showcase their talents. The party also hosts film screenings every Tuesday for adults and Friday afternoons for children.

Media / library technology which offers various activities for young and adult readers. These include lectures and Halloween parties for kids.

Its library is also enriched with works from different disciplines and hosts a Literary cafe every month, which means giving Rwandan authors a platform to share and market their books.

It also has a bistro, dubbed The Kigali Bar, where people can enjoy snacks and drinks – an opportunity to connect with French cuisine.

The old one Franco-Rwandan cultural exchange center located in Kiyovu was closed in 2014 by the city of Kigali because the structure of the center did not conform to the new master plan of the city.

After its closure, all its activities including French language teaching, training and concerts were transferred to Kigali Public Library and Goethe Institute in Nyarugenge district.

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