France has “stolen” 5,000,000 doses of vaccine from the United Kingdom – .

France has “stolen” 5,000,000 doses of vaccine from the United Kingdom – .

Emmanuel Macron is said to have had ‘flaming arguments’ with Boris Johnson over the issue (Photo: Rex / PA)

France was accused of “stealing” 5 million doses of the vaccine destined for the UK earlier this year.

The incident reportedly came amid the faltering EU vaccine rollout and at a time when countries, including France, questioned the safety of the Oxford / AstraZeneca jab.

But it appears the huge batch of Oxford vaccine from the Netherlands that was due to arrive in the UK was hijacked at the last minute and never arrived.

A government source called the actions “outrageous” and said they could potentially cost lives.

The incident sparked “fiery feuds” between Prime Minister Boris Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron, according to an article in The Sun.

AstraZeneca boss Ruud Dobber said on March 22 that the consignment was due to arrive in Britain imminently from his site in Halix.

But the jabs appear to have instead gone to the EU regime, with the organization blocking its move to the UK, amid mounting tensions over jab supplies and fears of ‘vaccine wars’.

The incident came at a time when key EU figures were questioning the Oxford jab (Photo: PA)

Thinking back to the incident, a government source told the Sun: “The French stole our vaccines at the same time as they stole them in public and suggested they were not safe to use.” »

Mr Macron was one of many key figures in the EU to publicly question the jab and incorrectly called it “near ineffective”.

The source continued, “It was an outrageous thing to do and not the action of an ally, which was very clear to them. “

“Withholding vaccines by preventing them from leaving the EU risked costing lives for people waiting for both the first and second vaccines.

“We had a solid vaccination plan in place and that meant we could continue to bite. But it was an amazing and scandalous thing to do.

The row at the start of the year plunged EU-UK relations to new lows – and followed the UK’s official departure from the EU.

At the time of the quarrel, an EU diplomat reportedly said: “AstraZeneca has made promises to the UK and the EU that it cannot keep. So there will have to be some kind of agreement.

“But it’s worth remembering that these doses of Halix are in the EU and AstraZeneca needs clearance to ship them to the UK, so the cards are stacked against the UK. “

The EU has insisted that the way it has handled the deployment of its vaccines was and is fair, while many developing countries have been accused of ‘vaccine nationalism’ for prioritizing people at lower risk. in their own country compared to those who need it most abroad.

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