France, Germany fear Northern Ireland protocol endanger single market – .

France, Germany fear Northern Ireland protocol endanger single market – .

The Vice-President of the European Commission has proposed reducing controls on food and plant products by up to 80% and cutting customs formalities by half.

European sources told The Telegraph that member states overwhelmingly support the compromise, but attitudes may soon change if it doesn’t lead to a deal quickly.

Now is the time for Britain to strike a deal as the bloc is concerned about a number of internal issues, they said, before warning that French President Emmanuel Macron would not want to be seen giving in too soon to the United Kingdom before the elections next April. year.

An EU diplomat said: “Now is the time to strike a deal. The closer we get to the French elections, the more difficult it will be for the Commission to come up with compromises. “

The EU also has to face the prospect of soaring energy prices and the threat of ‘Polexit’ after the role of European judges has been called into question in Poland.

“Brexit is a nuisance”

Domestically, Germany, Australia and the Czech Republic lack proper governments after recent elections and a corruption scandal in Vienna.

A second diplomat said: “Brexit is a nuisance. Nobody wants to talk about Brexit. No one has the time and the space to consider it.

“Britain won the boredom war. She has shown that she can handle more boredom than Brussels, which is no small feat. “

The lack of will to engage in Brexit on the part of European capitals allowed the Commission to present a package of concessions, which, according to government sources, went further than the UK had anticipated.

João Vale de Almeida, the EU Ambassador to the UK, told the BBC: “What we have done, what we have presented in Brussels, is unprecedented, what we have done is going very… We have gone the extra mile to address the problems created by Brexit in Northern Ireland. ”


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