Former UFC Champion Chuck Liddell Will Not Be Charged After Domestic Violence Arrest – .

Former UFC Champion Chuck Liddell Will Not Be Charged After Domestic Violence Arrest – .

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office chose not to pursue charges against Chuck Liddell or his ex-wife following an alleged incident of domestic violence last Monday.

The former UFC champion was arrested after an argument with his wife, Heidi Liddell, who reportedly turned physical, but prosecutors decided not to press charges against either party.

Liddell was arrested following the incident with his wife cited by police at the scene.

According to the report filed by the DA’s office and obtained by MMA Fighting, authorities spoke to Liddell and his wife about the incident with their daughter, who told prosecutors her parents were pushing each other during an argument but did not know how it started. Subsequently, Liddell had a red mark on her face and another near her chest, but his wife had no physical mark on her.

After being arrested and released on bail, Liddell released a statement proclaiming his innocence, claiming he was in fact a victim of domestic violence.

“Although information on this matter is revealed in due course, I think it is important to convey and clarify some facts about the situation,” Liddell wrote in the statement. “I was the victim of the incident last night at our family home, as the details of the case will reveal. The deputies informed me that my wife would be arrested because I did not react to her assault while I was suffering from bruises and lacerations. I volunteered to go in his place.

“It was one of the many times I tried to keep a family mental health issue out of the public eye. It has become painfully obvious that this cannot continue, as our privacy has now reached a public breaking point. Please respect our privacy as I help navigate our family through this difficult time. “

Three days after his arrest, Liddell filed for divorce from his wife.


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