Former CityPulse reporter Peter Silverman has died aged 90 – .

Former CityPulse reporter Peter Silverman has died aged 90 – .

Former journalist Peter Silverman has died at the age of 90.

He was known in the city as the host of the consumer advocacy program “Silverman Helps”, on Citytv from 1989 to 2008.

The show has had numerous altercations, including a viral video of an optician attacking Silverman for attempting to secure refunds for customers. It was a price the broadcaster was prepared to pay to help people who it said had been wronged.

“Peter never backed down,” one of his producers said in a Toronto Star article in 2009.

Silverman began his career as a journalist in 1974 for Global Television before joining Citytv in 1981 as a business journalist.

He graduated from Concordia University in 1953, then moved to London, England, where he worked for the Institute of Race Relations and served as a member of the Army Emergency Reserve British.

He returned to Canada in 1968, obtaining a doctorate from the University of Toronto.

He also helped people in third world countries. The Star published a story about a bridge he helped build in Ethiopia. The 1993 article explained that the bridge was completed well under budget and saved farmers time to sell their crops and allowed heavy trucks to cross town.

“I’m doing it because I have an obligation to do it,” Silverman said. “I have some skills, so why not use them?” ”

He received the Order of Ontario in 2009.

Silverman is survived by his wife Frances Burton, twin daughters and three grandchildren.


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