Five-hour queues at Heathrow Airport after increased chaos at electronic gates – .

Five-hour queues at Heathrow Airport after increased chaos at electronic gates – .

Passengers arriving at Heathrow were forced to wait in long lines on Wednesday or were held up on planes due to an issue with self-service passport gates.
The airport has been plagued by incidents of slow queues and delays at border control this year.

More recently, a computer outage shut down its electronic doors on September 24 and people passed out in the queue during the long waits over the August bank holiday weekend.

Heathrow attributed the problems to the Border Force, which is led by the Home Office.

Last week an anonymous border guard said The daily mail that recurring problems with border control were due to a new “nightmare” rotation system for guards, increasing working hours and causing some officers to quit their jobs or become ill.

Heathrow passengers have complained on social media.

“Absolute chaos at the Heathrow immigration lines. It could take at least 5 hours, ”Rolando Estrada tweeted.

George Zarkadakis, an artificial intelligence engineer from London, wrote on Twitter: “The passport scanning system is (still) down. Expected waiting time for arriving passengers: 2 to 4 hours. I think I’ll stay home next time… and stick to Zoom calls. “

Aviation analyst Alex Macheras wrote: ‘Remember: all other major European airports are capable of operating normally, but Heathrow – as of October 2021 – is STILL grappling with the concept of facilitating the arrival of passengers. . “

“Buyer is wary of flights to Heathrow currently, queued for 45 minutes to enter the country, 2 people to enter and they are redirecting us to another 45 minute queue,” tweeted the user @I_Lasciel_I, referring to the service as “p ** * poor stuff”.

Thomas de Lucy wrote: ‘Not only are we waiting two hours at passport control, the staff at Heathrow are all incredibly rude, yelling at people and ignoring others. Perhaps a supervisor should be on hand to monitor staff behavior.

For UK and EU passengers, the ‘service level agreement’ that Heathrow Airport has with the Border Force is that almost everyone – 95% of passengers – should go through passport control in 25 minutes . For other nationalities, the time is 45 minutes.

Waiting times at passport control are not the responsibility of the airport or the airline, unless flights have arrived in groups, but are managed by the Border Force.

Heathrow says the Border Force missed its monthly target six times last year.

A spokesperson for the Interior Ministry said: “This morning a technical problem affected the electronic gates in a number of ports. The problem was quickly identified and is now resolved. We have worked hard to minimize disruption and continue to monitor the situation closely.

“We apologize to all passengers for the inconvenience caused. “

She added that border security was not affected.


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