Fans accuse Astros of cheating in ‘WhistleGate’ – NBC Boston – .

Fans accuse Astros of cheating in ‘WhistleGate’ – NBC Boston – .

Some Boston Red Sox fans accuse the Houston Astros of cheating by using whistles to relay signals to hitters on the type of field they were about to get in Game 5 of the NHL Championship Series. American League at Fenway Park.

Some of the whistles were filmed on Wednesday night when Houston claimed a 9-1 victory and took a 3-2 lead in the series. The Red Sox are now in Houston for Game 6, which is scheduled for 8:08 p.m. ET Friday night at Minute Maid Park.

Fans use the #WhistleGate hashtag on Twitter.

The Astros have been sued with cheating allegations since the 2017 sign theft scandal, where they knocked on trash cans and made other sounds to relay signs, according to an MLB investigation. Red Sox manager Alex Cora was working as a Houston bench coach at the time and paid the price for the cheating.

When asked what he thought of the whistle charges, Cora said he hadn’t heard of it and thought Houston was just playing good baseball.

Former Red Sox player Lou Merloni and his WEEI co-host weighed in on the “whistlegate” and all the implications that surround it.

“The trash, there’s no excuse, and I know your guy was one of them, but the hissing here, I can’t believe this one,” Merloni said. “Other than the fact that there are a lot of videos – I know it’s hard to ignore, isn’t it – at home, on the road, where you hear the same type of whistling.


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