Family of Texas school shooting suspect says he was robbed, bullied – .

Family of Texas school shooting suspect says he was robbed, bullied – .

The family of Texas school shooting suspect Timothy George Simkins claim the 18-year-old has been bullied, repeatedly robbed and fearful of going to school, the Dallas Morning News reported. .

At least four people were injured when Simkins allegedly opened fire at Timberview High School in Arlington, Texas, Wednesday morning, according to the authorities.

Simpkins fled the scene of the shooting. However, he then went to a lawyer. He has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and his bail is currently set at $ 75,000.

His cousin Cint Wheat wrote on Facebook that “in the end my little cousin was bullied” and “he’s not a bad boy”.

Wheat also posted a video on social media of what appears to be a fight involving Simpkins, but details are yet to be determined.

Carol Harrison Lafayette, who acts as a spokesperson for Simkins’ family, said the teenager was being targeted for wearing nice clothes and driving a nice car, according to the Morning News.

“He was scared; he was scared, ”she said, noting that there were tapes of incidents. “It wasn’t just one person attacking and intimidating him, taking his money. “

“This is a situation where Timothy was being bullied,” Harrison Lafayette told the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “It had been reported to principals at the same time as the teachers. I’m not trying to justify the weapon that was brought, but when you are being bullied, when there are bullies, all across the country you hear about young people … committing suicide. “

“The decision he made, to take the gun, we do not justify it,” added Harrison Lafayette. “It was not good. But he was trying to protect himself. And so we hope the police department will investigate properly. “

While details of what led to the shooting are still being investigated, Arlington Police said in a statement: “Investigators believe a physical fight broke out just before the shooting.”

A video, widely shared on Twitter, shows two students engaged in a violent brawl allegedly on the school grounds and ends with gunshots.

Police said the incident took place in a classroom on the second floor of the school.


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