Facebook to add 10,000 jobs in Europe to help create virtual worlds – .

Facebook to add 10,000 jobs in Europe to help create virtual worlds – .

If Facebook is to become a “metaverse business,” it will need talent – and more of that talent is on the horizon. The social network has unveiled its intention to add 10,000 “highly qualified” jobs across the European Union over five years to build its virtual and augmented reality experiences. The recruitment drive will hire workers in countries such as France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain.
Facebook called the move a “vote of confidence” in the European tech sector. It has a large following, of course, but the social media company also highlighted cutting-edge teams in multiple fields as well as “first-class” university education. Facebook even touted the EU’s “core” policies on issues such as free speech, privacy and transparency despite the company’s run-ins with regulators.
The tech giant already has a Reality Labs office in Cork, Ireland, and has opened an AI research lab in France. In 2019, Facebook partnered with the Technical University of Munich to create an AI ethics research center.

As with many job advertisements, this is as much a PR move as it is a hands-on investment. This can ‘remind’ the EU of Facebook’s economic contribution and influence relevant policies. Nonetheless, the move hints at the long-term scale of the metaverse transition – Facebook is changing its overall direction, not just by shuffling a few resources.

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