Facebook teases high-end ‘Project Cambria’ VR / AR headset – .

Facebook teases high-end ‘Project Cambria’ VR / AR headset – .

Facebook is planning a high-end virtual and augmented reality headset called “Project Cambria”. The device, which was briefly teased during Facebook’s Connect keynote, includes cameras that stream high-resolution color videos to the headset screens. It’s supposed to include cutting-edge features that Facebook can’t yet include in the Oculus Quest lineup, but there’s no exact price or release date yet – though Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says it is. ‘This is a’ completely new ‘high-end product in the price range,’ and we will apparently see the device released next year.

The device is focused on mixed reality apps and will include face and eye tracking, something Zuckerberg discussed earlier this year. It’s supposed to use optics that make it thinner than existing helmets, as well as sensors and algorithms that help it rebuild and augment the real world around you. Connect’s opening keynote also offered a very brief rundown of what it’s supposed to look like, seen above.

Project Cambria looks like the “Oculus Pro” headset that leaked earlier this week. It’s also conceptually similar to a rumored high-end Apple Mixed Reality Headset. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg also introduced a device with “retina resolution” in mid-October, although he described it as a prototype. The name follows earlier Oculus codename conventions that refer to California locations – the original Oculus Quest, for example, was advertised as Santa Cruz.


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