Expand your collection of indoor plants with this free exchange system in France – .

Expand your collection of indoor plants with this free exchange system in France – .

A Facebook group for exchanging cuttings and seeds called Swap your plant, it was started by Sarah Roux, a doctoral student from Bordeaux, who admits to being “crazy” about houseplants.
“I had already started interacting with my family and friends, and thought it might work on Facebook, locally for me.

“I didn’t expect him to grow up like he did. Today there are more than 100 groups, not only in France, but also in Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg. There’s even one in New York.

Anyone interested can check if there is a Swap Your Plant Facebook group in their area, register, then post details of any plants they have to offer, or see if there is anything they are interested in. .

The members then organize when and where to talk to each other.

Only plant donations and exchanges are allowed – no sale is allowed.

Ms Roux says houseplants are particularly in fashion these days, and as prices at garden centers have gone up, it can be a good way to find new ones without breaking the bank. “Sometimes you can get rare plants if you’re lucky. My collection of plants has exploded. It is not limited to houseplants, but also to gardens.

“People also put plant pots and shelves on the site – anything that plant lovers might be interested in. In addition, I add more and more tutorials on plant care. ”

In addition to being economical, it is ecological and sociable, adds Ms. Roux.

“You meet people with the same interests. I’ve made a lot of friends, and when they hand over a plant, you always have the story behind it, which makes it a lot more personal than buying from a store.

“It also means you don’t end up with another plastic pot from the garden center. ”

Mrs. Roux wishes to hear from all those who wish to create a group if there is not already one in their region: facebook.com/Troquetaplante.

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