Everton player Carragher spoke with in lyrics could be Manchester United transfer joker – Liam Wood – .

Everton player Carragher spoke with in lyrics could be Manchester United transfer joker – Liam Wood – .

Ben Godfrey is yet to become a fixture for Everton – but could the England prospect be the signing Manchester United want next season?
It was a real Jamie Vardy climb for a versatile defender who won his first two senior caps in the build-up to Euro 2020 and the heartbreaking end of summer.

Posted by Sheffield on Wednesday, rejected by Leeds United; Godfrey finally surfaced in style after stops at York and Shrewsbury (on loan).

After dipping their toes in the Premier League with yo-yo club Norwich City, it was Everton who finally took a punt and shelled out £ 24.75million for his services 12 months ago.

At right-back, center-back and even as an emergency left-back, Godfrey just looks the part and has managed to total 40 appearances for the Toffees – United’s next Premier League opponents. League.

“I think it’s a brilliant signing. His first match he came on in the Merseyside derby against [Sadio] Mane for the last 20 minutes and he’s done really well.

“Do you know when you just look at someone and they just look at the part?”

“He moves gracefully, he has those shoulders, he’s powerful and he’s aggressive. I think he will end up playing the central defender. “

That was the glowing verdict of former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher – speaking of Godfrey during one of his expert outings for Sky Sports in February.

Godfrey knocked on the door for Euro 2020 but, ultimately, this potential opportunity came too soon.

It’s not just Carragher who sees it. Indeed, many esteemed former players and pundits lined up to praise the York-born defender, who like Vardy cut his teeth in the EFL pyramid after being bluntly sidelined on Wednesday. in 2013.

As summer approaches, a new partner for £ 80million captain Harry Maguire was high on United’s agenda.

Of course, it was highly decorated France international Raphael Varane who was summoned for the role, while a subsequent deal between Arsenal and Brighton for Ben White – worth £ 50million – suggests that they were set to hand over £ 34million for Varane.

There is no doubt that English players have a bonus …

However, as United continue to target Declan Rice and / or Kalvin Phillips to resolve a ‘problem’ in the defensive midfield, there is no reason United should not keep an eye on Godfrey as well.

As a save option at first, he would represent an upgrade in that regard – and the Everton player has every chance to step up a gear and become a high-level center-back, like the suggests Carragher.

The stars have not lined up for United to pursue White as a possible successor to Varane and / or Maguire.

Who would you like to see United target? Give your opinion in the comments section below.

However, if they play their cards right with Godfrey, they can repeat Manchester City’s trick in attracting John Stones, you guessed it, to Everton in a bid to lay a solid foundation for seasons to come.

There are, of course, other priorities that must be addressed first.

However, in the midst of a selection puzzle that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was posed with in the absence of Maguire, Aaron Wan-Bissaka and Luke Shaw, they are about to run into a player who could have, genuinely, been intervene for anyone. of these three premium options.

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