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Police find body ‘consistent’ with YouTuber Gabby Petito in Wyoming – .

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This is how it usually ends.

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Human remains in a remote corner of an isolated forest with a few personal effects strewn about.

The police morgues are filled with Jane and John Does who simply went into the woods to die or end the misery their lives had become.

And so is Brian Laundrie, probably 23 forever.

Authorities said Wednesday they found human remains in a Florida conservation area near where his parents said he would be found. Add a few of his possessions in the same area and that pretty much tells the story.

Gabby Petito, right, and the handsome Brian Laundrie. Photo de GABBY PETITO /INSTAGRAM

For most of the past two months, Laundrie and his girlfriend Gabby Petito have been in the news. She was cute and bubbly and blonde, he was handsome, and they were doing something everyone dreams of: getting in a van and hitting the road.

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But there were a few bumps that got worse in early August. At this point, the couple were fighting, their nerves raw.

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First, it was about finding cute YouTuber Gabby who had disappeared in Wyoming as the couple traveled the country in a van and recorded their adventures. Laundrie and her parents looked visibly unhelpful as the cops scrambled for answers.

On September 19, researchers found Petito’s remains at a campsite in a Wyoming national park. Verdict? Murder. She had been strangled to death.

But by then, Laundrie – now designated as the only person of interest – was also missing. Was he going up the Appalachian Trail? Had he fled the country? Where was he?

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Chris and Roberta Laundrie weren’t saying, but their help in locating their son’s belongings – and possibly stay – goes against rumors that they helped their son escape or were withholding information.

Now it seems more than likely that Thursday or Friday morning the cops will confirm that, yes, the remains are Brian Laundrie’s.

“The fact that they were able to lead investigators to their son’s property and possibly his remains – all of this contradicts the argument that they were aiding and abetting his escape,” lawyer Neama Rahmani told the UK Sun . “This leads me to believe that they were cooperative and not the other way around. “

But the lawyer also believes Laundrie was involved in the murder of his girlfriend. As the days turned into weeks, a less than flattering portrait emerged of him.

Jealous. Control. Angry. Murderer?

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Still, if the remains are Laundrie’s, the closing of the Petito murder case may never come, strong assumptions and a pile of circumstantial evidence aside.

“I’m sure Gabby Petito’s family want some sort of closure, but if Brian Laundrie is dead it’s as good as it gets,” Rahmani said.

The lawyer is right. Her parents will never know why the beloved 22-year-old woman from Long Island was murdered by someone who was “supposed to take care of her.”

We will also never know what was going on in Brian Laundrie’s troubled mind in the days leading up to Gabby Petito’s disappearance and death.

On Thursday, what was billed as the final photos of the couple convicted at Arches National Park in Utah on Aug. 10 were published in the New York Post.

“They stood out because they looked like ‘van life’ and I remember feeling the urge because they seemed to be passionate,” wrote the photographer who captured the footage , adding that they “exchanged friendly nods” as they left.

And that’s how it ends. Not with a bang but a moan.

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