Eagles’ Nick Sirianni ‘Not At All’ In Hot Seat, Insider Reports Says – .

Eagles’ Nick Sirianni ‘Not At All’ In Hot Seat, Insider Reports Says – .

A number of Eagles fans weren’t impressed with Nick Sirianni’s first six games as the team’s head coach. His appeal to the game doesn’t seem inspired, some of his in-game decisions have been downright wrong, and for some reason he hates giving the ball to Miles Sanders.
Not a good start!

It’s a bit early to ask for a guy’s job, but the endless news cycle continues and some fans are especially impatient.

So when FOX Sports insider Jay Glazer answered questions from football fans for his weekly #AskGlazer Twitter segment, he was asked if Sirianni was already in the hot seat.

Here’s what Glazer, one of the hippest journalists who accurately predicted Zach Ertz’s trade, had to offer:

” No. Not at all. Look, he’s a freshman head coach there, and I know Philadelphia is tough, but he’s not in the hot seat so early. But that’s what’s going on in Philly, isn’t it? I just want to say, “Oh my God, we’re losing”, but no. They’re not going to fire him after the first year. “

Yeah, that rings true. Some league organizations aren’t afraid to send in coaches after a bad season, but the Eagles have historically been quite patient with head coaches. The only time in franchise history where a newly hired head coach didn’t get at least a second season was in 1951, when Bo McMillin had to step down in the middle of the season due to diagnosed with stomach cancer.

Every other newly hired coach in Eagles history has had at least a second season. I can’t imagine Sirianni will be the first guy to start after just one year, unless he shows a complete lack of growth in the next 11 games and does a lot of damage.

Did Sirianni really give Eagles fans plenty of reasons to be excited about his future as an NFL head coach? Uh, not really.

Reuben Frank of NBC Sports Philadelphia was also aware of Sirianni’s shortcomings, including this assessment of his play call following the Week 6 loss:

“I can’t help but believe that Sirianni needs to transfer the play call to someone else, at least for a few weeks so that they can step back and regroup as the play caller. There is a lot of talent on this attack, but a lot of it is wasted. Sirianni just has no flair for it. No idea how to keep a guessing defense. Nothing inventive or creative. ”

But he’s just started. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and let him try to grow at work for now.

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