Eagles Have ‘Recent Talks’ With Texans Over Deshaun Watson – .

Eagles Have ‘Recent Talks’ With Texans Over Deshaun Watson – .

NFL business rumors are escalating with the November 2 deadline fast approaching. The latest buzz indicates that Deshaun Watson could be heading to the Miami Dolphins. Longtime NFL reporter John McClain wrote the following for the Houston Chronicle Wednesday:

The Texans could finally move closer to quarterback Deshaun Watson’s trade to the Miami Dolphins – a team they face on Nov. 7. familiar with negotiations. If the Texans and Dolphins are unable to consume the trade this week, they want to do so before the league deadline. The Dolphins have talked to Texans about Watson on and off for months, and those talks escalated into serious negotiations. After losing to Jacksonville in London – their fifth straight loss – the Dolphins seem more determined to finally run the Watson trade.

It’s not hard to believe that the dolphins are in desperation mode after dropping to 1-5. Seeing them already abandon Tua Tagovailoa, the No.5 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, would be surprising to some, but it’s possible they accepted that this was a sunk cost.

The Dolphins for Watson trade would be of interest to the Eagles for two reasons.

1) This would confirm that Watson will not be heading to the Eagles. Philly was heavily linked to Watson during the offseason.

2) Assuming Watson is cleared to play (he hasn’t faced any discipline yet despite not lacking in sexual assault allegations), he makes the Dolphins a better team. And Miami improving would be bad for the Eagles since Philly owns Miami’s 2022 first-round pick.

But apparently Watson to the Dolphins may not be a guarantee. The Athletic report acknowledges that Houston’s talks with Miami are “serious” but “an agreement does not seem imminent”.

Athletic also note that two other teams could still be in the mix. You probably know one of them.

The Houston Chronicle first reported on Wednesday that a trade for Watson could take place this week. The Texans have asked the teams for three first-round draft picks and a couple of other trumps, including a collection of picks or players, according to a source.

In addition to the Dolphins, the Texans have had recent talks with the Carolina Panthers and Philadelphia Eagles, according to sources. However, the seriousness of those talks – ranging from an informal conversation to genuine trade negotiations – has not been disclosed.

Maybe the Eagles and / or the Panthers are being used as a way for the Texans to leverage the Dolphins to cede more assets to Watson. Houston should benefit from the perception of a competitive market for its quarterback.

Still, from the Eagles’ perspective, it’s interesting to hear that they haven’t necessarily closed the door on Watson trading entirely. On October 1, Jay Glazer, a prominent NFL insider, said the Eagles were “not in the mix” for Watson “at this point.” Perhaps Jalen Hurts’ struggles motivated them to reconsider this possibility.

It has already been reported that Watson prefers to play for the Dolphins and that matters as he has a no-trade clause. He would apparently have no interest in playing for Philly, although that could change if they are the only team willing to take a chance.

While it looks like Watson will likely end up in Miami, it also looks like there is still a non-zero chance he ends up with the Eagles. We’ll just have to wait and see what rocks. The resolution could come sooner rather than later.


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