Dune wins national weekend box office with $ 40.1 million and sets pandemic record for Warner Bros. – .

Dune wins national weekend box office with $ 40.1 million and sets pandemic record for Warner Bros. – .

Dune not only won the national weekend box office with ticket sales of $ 40.1 million, but he also set a pandemic record for Warner Bros. for the biggest three-day opening since the company launched its day-to-date strategy on HBO Max.
Dune’s $ 40.1 million was enough to surpass Godzilla’s $ 31 million record against Kong. While its performances weren’t enough to surpass openings from other films like No Time to Die, it’s important to remember that the 25th James Bond film was released in theaters exclusively while Dune is available in theaters and. for all HBO Max subscribers at no additional cost.

For another comparison, however, Dune was nowhere near Black Widow’s $ 80 million when it hit theaters in July. Black Widow also earned an additional $ 60 million on Disney + via those who paid an additional US $ 29.99 to unlock it with Premier Access.

The big question on everyone’s mind will be whether these box office debuts will be enough to justify a sequel. Ann Sarnoff, CEO of WarnerMedia Studios and Network, hinted at Deadline that while it’s not yet lit green, Dune: Part 2 should be on its way.

“Will we have a sequel to Dune?” If you watch the movie, you see how it ends. I think you pretty much know the answer to that, ”she said.

Variety notes that Dune had a budget of $ 165 million, and he’s already earned it considering his international total. This weekend, Dune added an additional $ 47.4 million to its international tally which now stands at $ 180.6 million. Its world total now stands at $ 220.7 million.

Halloween Kills ranked second with ticket sales of $ 14 million, down 71% from its opening last weekend with ticket sales of $ 50.4 million. The national Halloween Kills race total topped $ 73 million, and it easily clawed back its $ 20 million budget.

No Time To Die placed third with $ 11.8 million, bringing its national total to $ 120 million, and Venom: Let There Be Carnage took fourth place with $ 9.1 million, bringing its total to $ 181 million. Dinsey’s Ron’s Gone Wrong opened with ticket sales of $ 7.3 million and a fifth-place finish.

For more, check out our Dune review, explanation of the ending, and our rundown of what to expect with the uncertain sequel,

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