Dune is coming to HBO Max a day earlier – .

Dune is coming to HBO Max a day earlier – .

Dune Director Denis Villeneuve has vigorously opposed Warner Bros. / AT&T strategy to release Dune streaming at the same time it hits theaters. ‘Warner Bros.’ decision means that ‘Dune’ will not have the chance to function financially to be viable and piracy will eventually triumph, ”he wrote in Variety Last year. “Warner Bros. maybe just killed the ‘Dune’ franchise. “To which WB apparently replied” You don’t want your movie release the same day in streaming as in theaters? Dune is worried! He will come out the day before. The edge reports that Villeneuve’s Sandworm installment will debut on the ad-free version of HBO Max on Thursday, October 21.

When and how to release films digitally is becoming an extremely delicate subject for studios. Disney’s decision to exit Black Widow on Disney + with theaters, Scarlett Johansson sued Mouse for breach of contract. And the simultaneous streaming strategy may have been one of the reasons Christopher Nolan is taking his next photo at Universal instead of the WB. It is not yet known if Villeneuve will sic the Fremen on Warner Bros.


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