Dolphins, Texans open to deal on QB Deshaun Watson as trade deadline looms – .

Dolphins, Texans open to deal on QB Deshaun Watson as trade deadline looms – .

Within days of the trade deadline, the Houston Texans and Miami Dolphins have recently been in touch, and the two sides are open to a Deshaun Watson-centric deal before Nov. 2 at 4 p.m. ET, according to sources.

This has essentially been the case for several weeks. A potential deal with Watson remains one of the most complicated in recent memory, which may explain why it went unfinished for months.

While there is some urgency on all sides to make a deal, it has to be the right deal for all to make it happen. Any deal would likely include three first-round picks as part of the compensation.

Owner Cal McNair and Managing Director Nick Caserio have remained in constant communication throughout the process, and sources say the property has given Caserio full support in handling the situation in the way he considers best. interest of the Texan organization.

If traded, Watson should be immediately eligible. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said last week that the league does not have the information necessary to place Watson on the commissioner’s bye list, and that is expected to remain the case for the foreseeable future. Watson currently faces 22 pending civil lawsuits alleging sexual assault and misconduct, as well as a further criminal investigation. He maintained his innocence and was not charged with a crime. His legal situation is still not resolved.

Watson also has a no-trade clause, and he only waived that for the Dolphins, his preferred location. Coach Brian Flores has backed his current quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa.

Last week, the Panthers pulled out of all trade talks, with the price tag high and the inability to sit down and get to know Watson as a person among the reasons. They could revisit this offseason if not traded on Tuesday.

Basically it’s the dolphins or no one at the moment.

It has been a long road for the Texans, with Caserio facing Watson’s displeasure immediately after taking the job and his trade request soon after. A long way for McNair, with his organization in the spotlight for reasons that have nothing to do with winning football matches.

At a Founders Day event in conjunction with Texans charities, McNair said Caserio and coach David Culley had “made the most of” the situation and was pleased with the way. they had overcome it.

After months of accumulation, Tuesday’s deadline provides the largest date yet for the long-awaited deal.

Here are some other players to watch as Tuesday looms:

  • Eagles defensive tackle Fletcher Cox: The teams reached out to the Eagles about Cox, believing they might chase after him to see if they can get him for a mid-to-end pick. In the wake of Cox’s defense grievances, the teams reacted. Cox is one of the main veterans GM Howie Roseman wants, so he’s unlikely to part with him for less than a high pick.
  • Wide catcher DeVante Parker: Parker has struggled with injuries but is expected to be back on the pitch today. With a base salary balance of $ 7.75 million, Parker is experienced and, if he stays healthy, could be a productive playmaker. Teams have inquired about him with Miami.
  • Giants wide receiver Darius Slayton: The Giants’ receivers have had to deal with endless injuries, but if they’re all healthy, there might not be enough footballs for everyone. Slayton is perhaps the most attractive to teams as he only owes the rest of his $ 850,000 salary.
  • Texans wide receiver Brandin Cooks: Teams have called about Cooks, and those likely increased after his dissatisfaction with his good friend Mark Ingram’s trade. But productive cooks are the kind of player Texans want to build around, not trade. Don’t expect it to be available. Caserio is still open to discussing a deal, but that doesn’t appear to be the case for Cooks.
  • Broncos defensive back Kareem Jackson: GM George Paton will always answer the phone, and he has a few veteran DBs that have sparked interest. Last week it was Kyle Fuller. This week, Jackson. It would take a strong bid to snatch him away from Denver, but Jackson is not banned.
  • Colts defensive lineman Kemoko Turay: The old second round has been the subject of commercial calls as Indy appears poised to slash its payroll at points deep on the offensive and defensive lines. Turay showed flashes, and maybe a change of scenery would help him reach his potential.
  • Rams wide receiver DeSean Jackson: We told you on Friday that Jackson has permission to seek a trade, and it looks like the team is open to that. They have made it possible for the Speedster to find a team that can better use their talents and give them the playing time to do so.
  • Here are the names discussed last week, including Melvin Ingram, LJ Collier and others.


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